Monday, April 21, 2014

New Mesh Collection Spring/ Summer Part 1 - Glam shirt and belted leather shorts

Hey all,

as announced I will post here some of my new Mesh clothes step by step.

In Part 1 I will show you the mesh Glam Shirt with Belted Leather Shorts. 

.:PC::. Glam Shirt with belted leather shorts

 The Shirt is available in 10 colors and has an amazing silky surface.

Here are some color examples of the shirt:

... and also the shorts are available in 10 different colors to mix and match.

Looking forward to see you in the store - 
Laluna Xue - .::Punky Chicks::.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter store hunt & New Spring Collection by .::Punky Chicks::.

Hi all,

back again with a complete new mesh collection 2014 - presented in a new store design !! I worked very hard to build up a new collection, new meshes with handcrafted weightpainting and I am still working on a lot of more items... but did not want to wait until I finished everything.... I will post them step by step here, so have a look for the news here on this page !!!

But before that, I have an easter-goodie for group-members (group is currently free to join). 

I put more than 20 little easter eggs all over the mainstore and also in the "apparence skins & shapes store" directly beside "Punky Chicks".

You need to collect all parts to get the complete item or all sizes of a mesh. So this is just an example of what you will find in the store hunt:

.::Punky Chicks::. Animal Print Leggings, Glam-Shirt & Belt  Easter Store hunt

Good luck, have fun & enjoy - 
Laluna Xue

P.S.: New collection will be presented here soon !!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

MESH NEWS by .::Punky Chicks::.

Lots of new mesh items @ .::Punky Chicks::. Mainstore.... 

Cute Little Skirt in 4 differents colors.... 

.::Punky Chicks::. Mesh Miniskirt

... and comfortable Sweatpants for your sports or just for a lazy day on your sofa !!!

.::Punky Chicks::. Mesh Sweatpants

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Are you ready for Womenstuff Hunt?? Here we go !!!

Dear all.... yes... here we go ... the biggest grid wide hunt started !!! 2 months from today and 200 designers !!! And Punky Chicks is part of it !!! Yay !! And this is my gift for you, a handmade double - layered rigged mesh dress:

.::Punky Chicks::. Mesh Dress for Womenstuff Hunt

And once you drop by ... don´t forget to try the demos of my new Mesh Releases:

.::Punky Chicks::. Striped Knit Dress (Mesh)

Striped Mesh Knit Dress - perfect for fall season !! Available in 7 different color combination: Aubergine, Blue Pastels, Olives, Reds, Soft Naturals, Reds and Spice !!  I use the standard sizes for my mesh objects. Each containing the dress in 5 sizes (from XXS till L) +  Knitted Sleeves (one size fits all).

To complete your Knitted Dress outfit - there is also the matching resizable Mesh Shawl available and not to forget - the knitted socks (non-mesh):

.::Punky Chicks::. Knitted Socks

And finally another new release:

A sexy Mesh Tube Dress with graphic bubbles design. Also handmade and rigged - 6 different colors : Cafe, Cyan, Graphit Green, Lime, Mauve and Steel. 

.::Punky Chicks::. Mesh Tube Dress Bubbles

Saturday, October 13, 2012

.::Punky Chicks::. BOHO MESH DRESS

.::Punky Chicks::. Rigged Mesh Boho Dress

.::Punky Chicks::. Rigged Mesh Boho Dress

Sunday, July 22, 2012


.::Punky Chicks::. Ferret Dress

Bustier in 6 different colors + Miniskirt + Gloves + Stockings with Gartner !!! Now in mainstore !!